About Wrench:

Wrench is a game about repairing and modifying cars for motorsports. Wrench is currently a VR game but I am working on a development fork to allow for screen based play as well. More info about the game in the first post:

What is this? First post.


About me:
I build mechanical and environment art for video games. My portfolio website lives here: http://www.alecmoody.com/

I am interested in everything involving design and I studied photography as an undergrad at SCAD. I spend most of my leisure time fixing or making things. I autocrossed a first generation miata for a few years, began prepping it for track days, and then had kids and work on the car has slowed. I have a build thread here: https://www.miataturbo.net/build-threads-57/prepping-my-95-track-85873/

In addition to game development updates I will also be posting fabrication and car projects.